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Other online shops are on average 46% more expensive on the 14 superfoods we checked. Ranging from 2% to 116% more!

The best priced online health food shop of Thailand! YES, it seems our One Product One Price model created a situation that we can call ourselves this.

I was quite surprised when one of our loyal customers mentioned to me last week that we were the cheapest. (I never really seriously looked at the prices of other online shops)

From the start, we created a very simple system where we add our margins to the cost of our products, regardless of quantity.

But hearing this best prices news it forced me to have a better look at our versus the prices from the other major online shops made this comparison overview.

The margins of the best priced online health food shop of Thailand

We also have different margins for different categories, not for different weights. Fresh products require a slightly higher margin than dry products, that’s the only major difference we were forced to make.

It means we have 1 price for any quantity of every product, both online and in our bricks and mortar shop.

Why charge more?

Don’t know for sure but guess that with a smaller quantity, less profit is made (for the same work). This is a valid business decision, and any business can do what they want, Khun Pa decided not to go this way since we started in 2010.

If this would be important to do so, that minimum income for same work could also work between cheap versus expensive products. (something we might still look at in the future)

Khun Pa’s Organic shop opted for a simple and client friendly structure.

The result causes considerably inflated prices for small quantities. (why should a smaller quantity be 50% more expensive?)

This comparison

Best priced online health food shop of Thailand compared our prices to 4 other major English language online health shops, for 200gram (average retail quantity).

For the purpose of this simple overview, we compared organic with organic and natural with natural.

To be fair to other shops and in order not to be recognized, I mixed the prices around a bit otherwise it might very negative for specific shops as it wouldn’t be difficult to find out I guess.

Some remarks

We did not contact the owners of the other online shops to verify/check if prices published were correct but assumed they were. I compared organic with organic but it also had to be clear if it was the same product.

Sometimes organic was mentioned for a specific product but when I was not sure it was or it couldn’t be found I left it blank.

From this overview, you can also see that Khun Pa’s Organic Food clearly has the largest assortment to choose from.

Apples with apples, pears with pears. Chlorella Broken Cell with Chlorella Broken Cell, regular chlorella with regular chlorella. It had to be fair to all involved.

What we could/did not check if others implement a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for handling an order for shipping., we do but kept it small (1,500 THB). On Phuket, we deliver for free if the MOQ is complied with. (MOQ is based on location, around the corner the MOQ is lower than for further away)

Organic Phuket does require a minimum order quantity (1,500 THB) for shipments by plane or EMS. On Phuket, we deliver for free if the various location dependent MOQs are complied with. (our MOQs are based on location, around the corner from us MOQ is lower than for further away)

(All prices below are excluding shipping costs, which I believe is the same for all shops.)

Please note that only one other website offered the same price for smaller quantities as they do for kg but could do so but they charged a very high price for the product (49% higher than Khun Pa’s).

In this comparison, Organic Phuket is the best priced online health food shop of Thailand

Of course, initially we only compared 5 products, and of course, this does not represent the full picture but these are 5 very popular products are very representative and we think these really tell the story.

Nevertheless, I have now increased this comparison to a total of 14 products and as I figured the picture did not change. Organic Phuket wins against EVERY other website for all 14 products!

On average for these 34 price comparisons the others are 46% more expensive! (Ranging from 2% to 116%)

Think this is enough for now, I do understand there might be products where we are perhaps more expensive but please feel free to investigate yourself, and please let us know when you find any (same quality). We do think though that the big picture will remain the same, i.e. we are the cheapest overall.

Sometimes, because we have a one price policy our kilogram prices might be a little more expensive than others but please understand that we are committed to being the cheapest and are willing to offer you equal pricing deals on larger quantities when it is within our means.

The prices used below were as mentioned on the different websites on or around February 18, 2017. Prices are mixed up so you won’t be able to find out which 4 shops we compared ourselves with but these are the most popular ones.

Click to see the google results here for a list with online health shops, in this list are also the 4 shops we compared our prices with.

The information below is, when it was necessary calculated from the nearest weight to 200g.

E. and O.E. (errors and omissions excepted)

Click here to go to our online shop and see all our superfood prices.

The Best priced list with the proof:

Our 200g prices compared to others and the % how much more expensive they are.
The others are on average 46% more expensive than Khun Pa! (Range 2% to 116%)
Khun PaOnlineHigherOnlineHigherOnlineHigherOnlineHigher
OrganicShop 2vs Khun PaShop 3vs Khun PaShop 4vs Khun PaShop 5vs Khun Pa
1Organic Spirulina49076556%96797%59020%77057%
2Natural Nutritional Yeast4594805%62035%4805%4672%
3Organic Pea Protein245530116%500104%
4Organic Goji Berries26830012%
5Organic Raw Cacao36772096%58058%65077%
6Organic Acai Berry Powder1836210014%19003%
7Organic Ashwagandha Powder52079052%76547%72539%
8Organic Baobab Powder1224175043%170039%
9Organic Barley Grass Powder5201050102%58012%
10Organic Wheat Grass Powder67381521%7004%6903%
11Organic Chia Seeds15022449%21644%
12Organic Chlorella Powder Broken Cell765
13Organic Chlorella61279530%89045%76024%
14Organic Maca Powder612120096%116090%114086%

The prices we compared with were mentioned on the various websited on or about February 18, 2017

E. and O.E.


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