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Change your Taste Buds and be healthier

Change your Taste Buds and be healthier Change your Taste Buds and be healthier Please read this interesting article (Taste Buds – Click here to go to the original article) which simply states that when we change our diet slightly for some weeks by lowering our intake on bad and processed food and going vegan during this time our taste…

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Superfoods Phuket Thailand

Superfoods Phuket Thailand Superfoods are available in Phuket Thailand and can help you to complement your dietary requirements in order to improve your health. We have to be careful as the claims are sometimes larger than the actual usefulness. (Claims are sometimes overdone, for instance, grapefruit can indeed impact the liver’s fat metabolizing process. BUT for any result, you’ll have…


Pura Organic Video Documentary

Pura Organic Video Documentary A golden oldie but nice enough to post again….. Together with Simon and colleagues from the Phuket Gazette a trip was made to an organic farm in Khao Sok, Suratthani. This farm had one of the first Certified Organic Eggs, the certification of which took a while but was finally accomplished in 2012. These eggs were…


Phuket Organic when from words to reality?

Phuket Organic when from words to reality? Pura Organic Foods Ltd was established in 2010, when we were the first and only local company to offer certified organic and healthy products. We were ready to make Phuket Organic! In those early days, we did a lot of talking, a lot of education, a lot of explaining when trying to convince…


Raw food healthier?

Interesting article from Authority Nutrition. Is Raw Food Healthier Than Cooked Food? By Becky Bell, MS, RD | 1,147 views Cooking food can improve its taste, but it also changes the nutritional content. Interestingly, some vitamins are lost when food is cooked, while others become more available for your body to use. Some claim that eating primarily raw foods is…


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