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Change your Taste Buds and be healthier

Change your Taste Buds and be healthier

Change your Taste Buds to be healthier

Please read this interesting article (Taste Buds – Click here to go to the original article) which simply states that when we change our diet slightly for some weeks by lowering our intake on bad and processed food and going vegan during this time our taste buds will improve again. You’d be surprised which tastes are brought back to your palate and how easy it was to start enjoying food again.

Those little taste buds

When born we have more than 10,000, most on the surface of our tongues.

With aging, we have less and less taste buds, and become less sensitive to them as the taste signals to our brain wear out. The bitterness in broccoli that may have made us push our plates away as kids doesn’t send as strong a signal to our brains when we get older.

Taste is not only comprised of those little buds, also smell, texture, temperature and even memories associated with certain foods.

Improve the sensitivity

But those little taste buds are sensitive and by improving our diet they become even more sensitive. This improved sensitivity will stimulate eating healthier for instance with fewer fats.

Eating less fat makes you want less fat, eating less salt makes you appreciate dishes with less salt more. Your palate will change and all for a better health.

This will help you chose healthier food which will start to taste better and better over time.

Just give it a chance, 2 to 4 weeks is all it takes. Chose organic if you can and in the same period all the potentially dangerous toxins will have left your body also.

The new you!

You will feel much better, you’ll need less medicine and your life will change, the new you!

Organic and unprocessed foods will make your journey to a healthier life style easier.

Do give it a try!


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