My cells are sending bliss and my body feels fresh and light. My mind is serene and my heart is wide open. What did happen?
Two weeks ago I participated in a juice fasting detox program at Sianji Wellbeing Resort and now I continue at home with a milder form of detoxing with only fruits and salads and occasionally a soup for dinner. I do not remember any change in my body as revolutionary as this! My body is enthusiastic to lose any additionally ballast accumulated, be it toxins or unnecessary pounds. I feel that there is a flow in my body again and it emanates a feeling of wellbeing. It is especially remarkable that I don’t feel hungry, that I have no cravings and that my addictions, for example for coffee, are gone and that it is very easy to follow this new lifestyle.

There are many reasons why “detoxing” is the call of our time. For many it is about loosing weight, which is why I started it. More important is that this radical change and reduction of food allows to get rid of toxic and polluted matter and of certain health problems.

There are a variety of detox programs available like the cure for acid base balance, F.X. Mayr, the Ayurveda Panchakarma cure and many more.  In our time where we cannot avoid environmental pollution, where we constantly fight against excess weight due to our food and eating habits, it is necessary to detox regularly. Spring, the time of renewal, is the best time for it.

Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier
Managing Partner at Healing Hotels of the World

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