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You WILL feel better and WILL lose weight

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Congratulations for considering a Juice Cleanse, may we “seJuice” you into something healthy and delicious nutritious.

We will deliver to your room or house (We also deliver to Krabi, Khao Lak, Samui, Bangkok and any other location in Thailand which has an airport)

Why Juice…

Today’s lifestyle and eating habits endanger our health. We miss important nutrients causing the body to stop functioning optimally.

Our bodies are exposed to a constant barrage of toxins. the air we breathe. The food we consume or from the water we drink. You feel bad, tired, mentally and physically after eating unhealthy foods. Food is your fuel, it will give you energy and essential nutrients in order to work.

Be careful not to choose the wrong fuel! (you wouldn’t put diesel in a car which requires gasoline, would you?)

Detox with toxins? Who are you kidding!

We ‘press’ our juices, the way nutrient rich enzymes remain intact. All juices are made with organic, non-GMO fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.

It is the only, preferred and right way to cleanse. Fresh from the farms, freshly made, freshly delivered.

We have said it many times but to put it simple “You can NOT detox with products containing toxins!”, only clean, healthy and organic produce works!

Easy to digest

Only when you make it easy on your digestive system you will save that energy normally used to digest your food. The juice has to be easy to digest. Without chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides.

Since its start in the organic business in 2010 Khun Pa has devoted her efforts to find true and dedicated organic farmers all over Thailand. She has visited most farms to meet the farmers, to see if they have an organic heart and mindset in order to feel comfortable with the organic correctness of their produce.

Just organic is not the only choice for selecting products by Khun Pa’s Organic Phuket, she also focuses and aims to choose the highest quality organics, the best tasting products, the products which grow under the best conditions for a nutritious and delicious product.

Optimal nutrition

Products still have to grow in ideal circumstances, many of the same kind of products grow all over Thailand but it makes a huge difference in quality (taste and nutrition) if these products grow where they flourish best compared to where they don’t.

Many vegetables and fruits grow everywhere in Thailand from North to South, from East to West but only where they grow in ideal circumstances they also taste great and contain the optimal nutrition.

This is what Organic Phuket stands for and these are the products we use!


Juicing repairs, hydrates, improves performance, corrects hormonal balance, helps to lose weight. It simply improves your general state of health. When the body gets some rest from digesting refined foods it will start healing. This brings back an optimal state increasing energy, focus and a healthier skin.

Our press juicing techniques extract most (not all!) indigestible fiber from the food. This makes it easier to digest and will help you save energy which is then available to improve your health.

You will NOT feel hungry as you get more than enough minerals and vitamins for your daily needs! You might experience what you experience as ‘hunger’ the first few days but it’s nothing else than craving!

Why organic

Surely you must agree that doing anything healthy with unhealthy products doesn’t make sense. You can’t detox using toxins, that would be like washing your hands with black paint.

One of the important reasons to juice is to ease the burden of digestion to save energy, to feel better and repair health issues.

Organic fresh produce makes it easier to be strong and hang on to actually achieve your health goals. It does the job because it tastes so much better.

You can’t detox with toxins

We receive most of our organic produce we receive daily from our network of organic farms. Fresh organic goodies for the best tasting and healthiest juice experience.

The farm fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs used for juicing need to be organic! If not any benefits of juicing are counteracted by the high amounts of toxicity from chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides found in non-organics. “You can’t detox with toxins”

You will be surprised and experience how of 100% organic vegetables, fruits and herbs help you to regain your health.

We believe organic tastes a lot better and in combination with our choice of flavour combinations from fresh ingredients will make the cleanse a true “Juice Feast”.

You will NOT be hungry and WILL have plenty of energy…

No long gaps from Breakfast to Lunch or from Lunch to Dinner, every 2 to 3 hours a bottle of juice. To make a bottle of 330 ml of juice we use about 400 to 600 gramme of healthy organic vegetables, herbs or fruit. You will be pleasantly surprised how comfortable and easy this is and quickly you will feel better, have more energy, will have lost weight, feel detoxified and feel on top of the world again. And of course, self-experience that “You are what you eat….”.

Juices are not meant to be thrown back quickly like a shot of liquor. Please take your time, sit down and take your time to swirl it around in your mouth and even make a chewing action as it will help the creation of saliva allowing to digest better.

Glass Bottles

For eco-friendly reasons, we have decided to serve our juices in glass bottles and a glass return policy. Better for you, better for the environment. We thus kindly ask you to return the bottles for our re-use.

Our “Juice Cleanses” (Programs)

3 Programs of 7 juices per day and 1 with 4 Juices per day combined with some solid goodies.

You will feel better, feel energised, it will make you active and focused again, at the same time providing you with your necessary nutrition. We offer a base program for the experienced juicer and 2 programs targeting specific goals (Weight Loss and Detox).

4 Programs to choose from:

(1) “Base Program” (2) “Weight loss” (3) “Detox” or (4) “A day of health”

“The Base Program” (Most nutritious, perhaps not for first timers):

# 1 “Opening” vitamin a & c to wake you up and restore your skin

# 2 “Rehydrate” electrolytes to prepare you for the day to come

# 3 “Green” to help you get enough nutrients for the day

# 4 “Attention” a boost to energize

# 5 “Nourish” prevents inflammation and lowers cholesterol

# 6 “Immune” boost antioxidants and improves your immune system

# 7 “Cool” to freshen up and prepare for a relaxing night

*Disclaimer: We are not physicians.  We provide information and products which you may or may not select for your own good health. A health care provider can advise you before you undertake a cleanse or juicing program. If you have diabetes or if you are under the care of a physician please consult with him first. Note: we work with nuts at our facilities.

….You might experience ‘craving’ but not hunger.  (we use more than 4 kilograms (10 lbs) of vegetables and fruits to prepare these juices… you would never be able to eat that much health with a knife and fork……)

Optional, to get prepare for your juice cleanse: start and finish by adding a few days of our program (4) “A day of health” (partly juices partly healthy solids) to adapt smoothly into and out of your cleanse.

*Disclaimer: We are not physicians.  We provide information and products which you may or may not select for your own good health. A health care provider can advise you before you undertake a cleanse or juicing program. If you have diabetes or if you are under the care of a physician please consult with him first. Note: we work with nuts at our facilities.

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Price: 1 Day 1,200, 5 Days 5,900, 7 Days 8,200, 10 Days 11,600 THB etc

Calories about 1,000* Carbohydrates about 200 grams Fat about 8 grams Protein about 40 grams Sodium about 800 mg

*1,000 calories are sufficient and include an overdose of all the vitamins and minerals your body requires

(1) “Base Program”

#01 Opening Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Carrot, Pineapple, Cucumber

#02 Rehydrate Coconut Water, Wheatgrass Powder, Flaxseed Oil and Chia Seeds

#03 Green Kale, Pineapple, and Cucumber

#04 Attention Beetroot, Kale, Passion fruit, Cucumber, and Butternut

#05 Nourish Celery, Kale, Cucumber, Papaya and Coriander

#06 Immune Kale, Turmeric, Sweet Potato, Papaya, Butternut and Cucumber

#07 Cool Asparagus, Kale, Papaya, Cucumber and Mint

“Weight loss”

(Bottles #1 through #5 of the Base program + a selection of 2 from the 4 below (our choice))

#08 Eliminator Aloe Vera, Coconut Water, and Chia Seeds

#09 Up Beetroot, Carrot, Pineapple and Lime

#10 Lyco Tomato, Thai Basil, Mild chili, Pepper and Cayenne

#11 Euphoria Pumpkin, Papaya or Pineapple and Cassia (not organic)


(Bottles #1 through #5 of the Base program + a selection of 2 from the 4 below (our choice))

#19 Alert Pomelo or Pineapple, Beetroot, Ginger and Lime

#20 Hydrator Activated charcoal, Coconut Water, Kaffir Lime, Mint, Lemongrass, a healthy Superfood & a little raw honey

#21 Tom Thai Tomato, Thai Basil, Coconut Oil, Himalayan Sea Salt and Pepper

#22 Tranquillity Cucumber, Butternut, Pineapple, Lime and Cinnamon

“A day of health” (partly juices partly healthy solids)

4 Bottles of Juice (selected from the above) PLUS:

#39 “Farm fresh” A small selection of seasonal raw vegetables and fruits

#40 “Salad” An organic Gourmet Salad with a selection #42 below

#41 “Energy” 2 Energy Bars  (Not 100% organic)

#42 “Nuts & Co.” A selection of Nuts, Dried Fruits & Seeds (Not 100% organic)


#23 Intense A Pineapple and Basil Juice ( 110 THB )

#24 Crisp A Papaya, Lime, Mint and Ginger Juice ( 110 THB )

#25 Nut A Nut Milk (not organic) ( 199 THB )

#26 Lime A Lime only juice ( 300 THB )

#27 Beet passion A Beetroot and Passionfruit Juice ( 179 THB )

#28 Health Push  All juices topped up with a selection of superfood powders/extracts ( per day: + 200 THB )

Note: produce used for each juice may vary due to availability and/or as the quality of products change due to growing conditions and/or seasonal influences.

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