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Pura is proud to see our juices being enjoyed and do what they have to do, replace solid foods and improve health and how your feel. Losing weight, feeling better, glow, it all truly happens. All become more health conscious and experience the true and positive feeling of “you are what you eat”.

At the same time our juices are not a hurdle, they taste well, and our juicers are enjoying them.

Many have already returned for more days and/or opted for regular periods of juicing.

From a Pura Customer for many years: “Pura Organic Foods’ juicing”

About 6 months ago, I started using Pura Organic Foods’ juicing fast program on a regular basis. The # 1 reason I chose Pura Organic is because they only use organic, locally grown fresh vegetables to make their juices. On top of that, they are cold-pressed, which makes all the difference in the world compared to juices from an electrical machine as it heats the juices and therefore a lot of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients get destroyed during the juicing process. Besides, cold pressed juices truly taste so much better! Another great advantage is that Pura Organic always delivers the freshly pressed juices at my home every single day (even on Sundays!) without any additional charges.

Before I tried my first juice fast of Pura Organic, I was a bit apprehensive at first as all the juice fasts I had done before were based on fruit juices which taste nice and sweet and give you a lot of calories, so you (think you) won’t be too hungry. I assumed that doing a juice fast based on vegetable juices alone would not only leave me hungrier than a juice fast based on fruit juices but would also taste a lot less. Well, I thought, trying never harms! I was flabbergasted to find out how mistaken my assumptions had been. To my very positive surprise, Pura Organic’s vegetable juices taste truly delicious and very, very yummy!!! In all honesty, I have never tasted vegetable juices more delicious than those of Pura Organic.

I daily make my own fresh vegetable juices from the organic vegetables I buy at Pura Organic, but the taste of my own made juices pale in comparison to those made by Pura Organic. They are a true expert in combining the right juices so that they not only give you all the nutrients your body needs but also taste delicious! And the hunger pains and lethargy I had experienced during my previous juice fasts, were totally non-existing with the vegetable juice fasts of Pura Organic. My energy levels were not only at least as high as during normal eating days – I easily continued to do 5 yoga classes a week while feeling really strong – and at some days I couldn’t even finish the 7 bottles per day as I was too full!

I have lost more weight with Pura’s vegetable juices

I now order their juices on a very regular basis, about 3 days per week once or twice a month, or alternatively, 1 to 2 days per week. I have lost more weight with Pura’s vegetable juices in a much shorter amount of time than I ever did before. The pounds just keep shedding off, especially that small but so very difficult layer of stubborn belly fat which always used to come back in the past, but since my regular detox juice fasts from Pura Organic, my belly fat has disappeared forever. I now realise that the reason for this is that fruit juice fasts give constant high peaks in your blood sugar levels and have a very high glycemic index (G.I.). Fresh vegetable juices, on the other hand keep your blood sugar levels very low and therefore your extra pounds disappear like snow in the sun.

My husband

In the past, I also put my husband on the fruit juice detox fast twice but I decided to never do that again as he felt really terrible, exhausted and so hungry that he couldn’t sustain it for more than a couple of days.

When I put him on a 7-day Pura Organic detox juice fast for the first time, he felt fantastic and full of energy. He loved the taste of the juices (and he is everything but a veggie juice lover) and lost 4 kilos in only one week. And he keeps asking me for more Pura Organic juice fast days! Over the last 6 months, he has already lost 10 kilos!

Sonora from Canada visited Thailand for the 3rd time in 2 years top do Bikhram Yoga Training in Khao Lak and again decided to stay away from the fried food and juice during her Yoga Training and did so for 28days here:

28 days. 43 Bikram Yoga classes.
28 days. Of Organic Juicing from Pura Organics. The juices, besides be Dee-licious, are truly satisfying and seem to take away any cravings for sweets, even desire for coffee, gone.

Never hungry. Good energy, and I truly believe that it helped me fight off a sinus chest infection. It is true,if you have a bottle every 2 hours you are satisfied. How? I don’t know, but it must be true also, that your body is getting it’s required nutrients.

Pura Organics. Integrity.
Made with love and a passion for returning to Real food, not the Chemical look alikes we are fed, has many, many other great food choices and healthy snacks, including their fabulous Energy Bars. Tasty and Filling. Super nutritious too.
Pura Organics, I will miss you. Thank You, from the bottom of my heart. So glad we found you in Fall 2014.


let me summarize my views of your product / provide a testimonial.

“I travelled to Thailand to train, lose a few pounds, and get in better shape. One of the major challenges in a training regiment, exacerbated with travel, is controlling food intake. I opted for a 10-day base juice diet supplemented by an additional almond milk for increased protein. Everyday I could wake up and see the 8 meals ahead of me in my mini-fridge. Pura’s product allowed me to control and optimize my overall calorie intake by staggering my nutrient levels throughout the day without interfering in training (i.e. I never had that full feeling after a big meal, I could drink a juice and go do sit-ups or do yoga immediately). The juices also gave me benefit of added hydration which further helped while training in the humid conditions of Phuket. I didn’t cramp up or feel like I hit the brick wall at any point and I suspect the added hydration from the juice was a key contributor. I highly recommend giving them a try if you are serious about improving your overall health while in Thailand…plus, they actually taste great.


“Hi Martin, just wanted to give some positive feedback re the Pura two-day-a-week juicing programme that I have now been following for eight months. I’ve integrated the two days into my week, it really allows the body / digestive system a “rest” each week and the effects are palpable. The first day is always a bit tough, tiredness and headaches are common, however from day two there is a “lighter” feeling physically and mentally. Alertness and energy levels increase, as does mental clarity. By mixing juicing with “normal” (healthy) eating on the other days, it is a great system for weight control and toxin elimination. Thank you!”


“Jetzt sind wir gerade von einer detox-destress-Woche in Thanyapura zurückgekommen und haben die wunderbaren Säfte genießen dürfen, Das war wirklich eine tolle Sache.”


“Thank you kindly for delivering delicious organic juices to me…. I will recommend to all my friends your organic juices. Thank you. I feel so healthier. Its been a great detox for me”


“I am loving it! I am a big fan of juicing and this detox is so well run and with such great tastes.
I am feeling the benefit for sure. “


“Day three — I feel good. You guys want to lose weight you better think of Pura Organic drinks —“


““Feeling energized, more highs than lows during the week. Could feel my body getting firmer each day. Tip for others best to do when working, sitting at home relaxing and the family all eating was distracting to say the least.”


“So. Like many others before me, last week I completed my 7 day juice detox with Pura Organic. I freely admit that I had no pre detox goals in mind, it was more to experience it and see how I felt. First few days was understandably rough, with some headaches. But day 3 and 4, my body adjusted. Yes I missed food, and the action of eating – but I wasn’t truly ‘hungry’.

For me, I as more intrigued to see how I felt AFTER the detox, than during it and this, for me, is the key. Already on day one of eating ‘normally’ i am reacting. My morning coffee wasn’t as good. It wasn’t awful, but just didn’t taste or feel right. Lunchtime and i feel my body craving salad, vegetables and fruit. The thought of grabbing the usual lunch from a 7-11 hit and run just isn’t appealing! Im actually feeling I ‘need’ something healthy rather than ‘I want’ something healthy – and that’s huge.

So whilst a short term benefit is that you’ll lose some weight (I lost 3kg, but that’s neither here nor there as it wasn’t my goal) you need to remember that it’s just as easy to put that weight back on in the following week. The more important factor here, is the long term benefit which is that it changes your approach to food, and at least in my case thus far, is altering my appetite for certain foods. And as a bonus, my sleep has improved as I’m sleeping much more deeply, and feeling better and more awake in the morning. Which for a non morning person is really saying something!

Sure I’ll still eat junk but probably less, and will no doubt replace some of those cravings with a healthier alternative. Overall, Highly recommended and a big thanks to Martin HJ Smetsers and Bart Smetsers for bravely delivering juices!!”


“Day 5 on the Rawkin’ Fresh Organic Juices by Pura! 5km run yesterday, 30km bike today and surprised how good I feel! So going for 2 more days on the juice!! And best of all I have finally kicked my tea drinking habit! Doesn’t sound so bad, but drinking 10 cups of tea to stay awake during the day is not a good habit!  — feeling great.”


“Well, that is day 7 done on the Rawkin’ Fresh Organic Juices by Pura, and wow what a difference it has made. I am not tired, feel great, lost a couple of kilos, and over 7 days still managed to do 2 x 5km runs, a 30 km bike and today finished off on an 11km run! And still no tea! Loving it and will be on it again for a refresher soon. Thank you Martin HJ Smetsers and Bart Smetsers and the Pura Organic Foods Limited – A one stop shop for organic produce –for the lovely juices! — feelingawesome.”


“I’m feeling really good after 7 days on Rawkin’ Fresh Organic Juices by Pura . I did the Detox program. It had its ups and downs. I didn’t like the green juices at first but my palate soon adapted. I felt exhausted for the first 2 days but started to feel better and better each day thereafter. I’ve had a lot of headaches throughout the week but now I feel great. I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. I feel so awake! The biggest plus for me has been my sleeping pattern, which has improved considerably. I usually wake up constantly throughout the night but for the entire 7 nights I have slept like a log.
I’m can’t wait to eat but I also want to juice once or twice a week to try to keep this good healthy feeling within me. ……oh and I lost about 3 kilos of weight!”


“Today is my last day of juicing and was looking forward to this since day one. Strangely enough, the closer it came to the end, the less I was looking forward to my first steak or burger. Can only confirm what so many people claimed before: started with cravings and headaches, went to ‘I can do this, it’ll be good for me’ and ended feeling on a natural high the last 2 days. Big thanks to the Pura team…”


“Hi Pure Organic, 2 weeks with juicing was fantastic. I went from 55kg-53kg. But best of all my blood pressure was normalized. I just love that feeling to consume only pure healthy stuff. What a lovely investment for my body and the future of the earth. Mille ( Denmark) ”


“Hi Martin,

It’s Rene. I just wanted to say thanks again for everything. I will probably want to do it again in a few weeks time another 7 day. (Its like a drug and I am hooked)

Diving company in Chalong/Kata”


“Hey Martin,
Just wanted to let you know that i’m absolutely loving this Juice Cleanse”


“Martin, your organic juices are delicious, nutritious and very enjoyable combined with an excellent daily delivery service! If I am in Phuket, I try and consume 6 or 7 of them a day myself, replacing a couple of meals as part of my current health regime. Thank you for this great service and keep it up!’

President/Owner of Resorts worldwide


“I was very impressed with PuraOrganic’s juice offering. The quality of the ingredients was outstanding, with a very wide range of ingredients. I like the “7-a-day” concept, I was basically drinking one every two hours through the day, so never felt hungry. I also welcomed the full list of ingredients and grams of carbs, protein etc in each juice. This offering has clearly been thoroughly researched and a lot of thought has gone into it. All the juices were very tasty and the tastes were also quite varied. Kuhn Pa always delivered “service with a smile”! Highly recommended – keep up the good work.”

Owner Wealth Management


” yes I enjoyed the juice so much. It was my very first time to try juice detox for 3 days. I lost about 3.5 kilos on those 3 days. I wish I could do it longer next time. I will recommend it to anyone who may wish to lose a couple of pounds. I felt good and healthy after drinking it (a few headaches in the afternoon, but I had some carrot sticks when I feel hungry). As you see, I have encouraged our GM’s wife and also our hotel manager to try it after I did the juice detox…I think Lisa will do it again soon but will just choose the juices she likes.
That’s all. Maybe if you can add some suggested snacks or snack packs to go with the juice…that will be great and I will order those snacks too!”

Private Villa manager at Amanpuri

(My comment: the gm’s wife and the resort manager of Amanpuri both indeed also ordered and enjoyed their juices from Pura’s…. & Pura now indeed offers these nibbles as suggested above as an option…..”)


“Thanks for the great service offering the 7 day juice programme. Which was a lot easier, and a lot more enjoyable than we anticipated! Juices tasted great, lost a bit of stubborn weight and feel 10 years younger. As a result, we would like to do 3 more days this week Saturday – Monday, (so delivery on the Friday night to start the next day).”

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