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Gluten & Dairy free
Bakery products

A new partnership was formed: developed and prepared by Sihan Semaan of Bake Free Co, sales and distribution by Pura Organic Foods Ltd.


“Eliminating gluten and dairy doesn’t have to mean abandoning flavor”


2508GF DF White Bread -400g-฿114
2522GF DF Multi-Grain Bread with Chia -165g-฿85
2507GF DF Buckwheat with sunflower seed bread -430g-฿175
2881GF DF Hi-Pro Quinoa+Chickpea Bread (7g Prot/Slice) -1000g-฿528
2882GF DF Hi-Pro Quinoa+Chickpea Bread (7g Prot/Slice) -500g-฿300
2509GF DF Hamburger Bun -200g-฿54
2510GF DF Pizza Crust (half baked) 4 pcs -750g-฿244
2511GF Sable Biscuits 8 Pieces฿146
2512GF DF Coconut Cake -125g-฿92
2885GF DF Coconut Macaroon฿32
2514GF DF Carrot Cake -140g-฿100
2515GF DF Dates Cake -135g-฿192
2516GF DF Donuts (Uncooked) 6 Pieces฿230
2886GF DF Blueberry Muffin฿0
2517GF All Purpose Flour฿299
2535GF Hamburger Bread Flour Mix฿284
2869GF Cake Flour Mix฿284
2870GF Buckwheat Bread Flour Mix฿452
2871GF White Bread Flour Mix฿337


Products have a (refrigerated) shelf life of about 7 days and when frozen good for months.

Bake Free is a blog by Siham Semaan, she herself a Celiac patient since 1999. Siham loves to bake and has developed a considerable following since she started blogging and writing about the gluten- and dairy free products she makes.


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