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The articles below were written by Melanie Procter of Mindbody Phuket, a Raw Gym, A Raw Food enthousiast, detox and sport center in Nai Harn, Phuket. As a long time client of Pura Organic Mindbody is proven dedicated to the organic cause, understanding it is important to use healthy produce in general and especially when you want to do something healthy.

Eating Organic Promotes Weight Loss

We hear the key to losing weight is burning more calories than we consume.? This is easier said than done if your body is starving for nutrients as you work and build those beautiful muscles. When exercising, feed your tissues as you sculpt your body into perfection. If the digestive system is clogged with toxins, less nutrients are absorbed and the cells demand more food. One resulting symptom is a craving for carbs or sugars. This is only a quick fix. A good weight-loss program includes cleansing the digestive system which means going organic.

When you are on a diet plan, would you sit down to a gorgeous salad and spray bug spray on it before eating it? Of course you wouldn?t. If you are not eating organic, this is essentially what you are doing. You are giving yourself a plate full of nutrients covered in bug spray. Talk about toxic overload! Your digestive system must go into overdrive to filter out the toxins before it can absorb the nutrients.

The first steps in a plan to lose weight are: 1) detox the digestive system; 2) lower caloric intake; and 3) exercise. In turn, you will burn fat. Fat is where we store toxins that are not filtered by our kidneys and liver. Burning fat and going organic will purify your blood which carries nutrients to the cells. A healthy digestive system will enhance nutrient absorption, requiring you to eat less.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables ease the burden on the digestive system, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. People find the more raw organic produce they eat, the more energy they have. Of course, they do: their bodies are not using so much energy to ?clean house.? Most people who go organic and eat live, fresh produce will tell you the only problem they find from this diet is they have too much energy and sleep less. It is in this energetic state one feels more excited about exercising.

Sculpt your body into the shape you deserve. Start by cleaning out the ?operating system? by choosing today to go organic. Get fit, radiant, and gorgeous! Let Pura Organic help you by providing you the freshest organic produce that Thailand has to offer.

Stay Fit and Healthy in Thailand: Go Organic!

As Dr. Andrew Weil has pointed out, we often hear health care professionals talk about the various systems of the body, i.e., the nervous system, the reproductive system, and the digestive system. However, we do not hear these professionals (doctors, nurses, nutritionists) talk about the ?healing system,? which in many aspects may be the most important system in the human body.

Dr. Weil points out that the healing system works best when it is fed with rich nutrients and not degenerated with toxins. Controlled experiments with a variety of animals have shown that animals raised on organic foods had greater reproductive health and faster recovery time from illness. And while it is a bit more challenging to set up these types of studies with humans, a few promising studies have been undertaken. One study at a boarding school in North America students were on a predominantly organic diet. The results indicated a ?very marked decline in colds and flus, rapid healing, fewer sports injuries and greater resilience to sports injury. Teenagers also showed improved skin and dental health.?

More and more people are coming to Thailand to live a more active, outdoorsy lifestyle. People of all ages are engaging in exercise they may not have been doing in their home countries. Due to improper warm ups and being a bit out of shape, we find a high incidence of injuries among tourists. Oriental medical doctors have pointed out for years that such exercise injuries are largely related to the level of toxicity in our tissues and joints. More and more western doctors are finally starting to say the same thing. Reducing our toxic load not only prevents exercise injuries but aids in more rapid recovery.

If your goal is stay healthy and fit while in Thailand, go organic. At Pura Organic, we can help you with all your organic needs so you can have a nourishing holiday and lifestyle while in Thailand.

An Organic Juice Cleanse

In the last few years, the word ?cleansing? has become a household word. There are extreme cleanses such as water fasts that are usually done in spas and detoxification centers. However, working people and busy parents want to cleanse but do not have the time or resources to venture off to a detox center. They also need the energy to keep going. Active cleansers are often choosing an exciting cleanse called a ?Juice Feast?.

Juice feasting is based on the principle of abundance and is thus called a feast not a fast. Juice feasters drink four quarts of fresh juices a day?no juicer required. Juice feasters tend to be busy active people. So, they start their day packing their blenders full of organic produce with added liquids to create a smoothie like texture. They then strain out the pulp in a mesh bag or in a strainer. They pour the resulting juice in glass jars and head out on their busy day. Juice feasters enjoy this regimen for as long as they see fit. They feel so energetic that they often turn this into a long term cleanse. The energy and vitality they experience becomes addicting, and they tend to like to keep going on the protocols because the results are astounding to anyone who experiences a Juice Feast.

The program?s founder, David Rainoshek, explains why juice feasters are so excited about juice feasting. ?In essentially this order?although all of these items are occurring at once?the following is what we are achieving and addressing with Juice Feasting:

Ending the addition of toxic/foreign/depleted foods into our bodies.
Drinking nutrient-dense living juices with superfoods/supplements.
Physiological rest.
Removing uneliminated waste matter in the small intestine and colon.
Removing uneliminated toxins in the blood, lymph, and at the cellular level throughout the body.
Reduction/Eradication of inflammation/chronic pain.
Rejuvenation of metabolism and digestive system.
Restoration of nutrients.
Juice feasting is not a weight-loss program per se. While people do lose weight, this is a side effect of removing the toxic and extraneous matter from your system and achieving superior health.?

Any active person can juice feast because one is so full of nutritious juices that they do not feel hungry or lethargic. Also, making daily juices takes less time then preparing conventional meals or even going out to eat. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that one wants to commit to going 100% organic when taking in 6 to 7 kilograms (12-15 pounds) of vegetable and fruit juices daily. The produce must be organic or the benefits will be counteracted by the high amounts of toxicity from pesticides and herbicides found in conventional produce.

If you choose to upgrade your radiance and physiology by doing a juice feast, let Pura Organic help you by providing you high quality fresh organic produce. Pura Organic loves to help juice feasters and anyone seeking a healthier quality of life through organic foods.

Why Organic?

Pesticide Effects on Children

Loving parents/caregivers usually enjoy going to the market. The produce section gifts their eyes with a vast array of colorful produce. The splash of colors they see from yellow bell peppers, to purple passion fruit, to golden mangos stimulate a parent?s creative juices. ?Oh the beautiful nutrients I?m going to feed my family with all this lovely Thai produce,? is a thought that goes through a parent?s mind. ?This well-intentioned trip, however, is one that may be a bit deceiving. The potential health benefits of the gorgeous food is generally off-set by the high-level of toxins that are sprayed on these plants from day one of their growth. On these produce are non-organic chemicals that are simply toxic. A loving parent must be armed with the facts before entering the markets.

Let?s look at some of those facts:

The main cause of death and disease among children is cancer. Most are baffled and shocked when we hear of childhood cancer, but it continues to remain on the rise. The reasons for this are becoming more and more evident. Babies are born with around 200 toxins in their blood due to polluted water and pesticide residues. Babies intake pesticides way past the recommended levels through their mothers? breast milk. Of the 200 toxins in children?s blood, most are carcinogens. These primarily come from pesticides and herbicides. These alarming figures make us surprised children are not experiencing more illness.

Studies have shown in urine tests that children eating organic foods, have less than 15% the amount of pesticide residues in their systems compared to children eating non-organic foods. This is important, as our children?s bodies are small.? So, the same amount of pesticide and herbicide intake has greater damaging effects.

Because children?s brains are developing, there has been concern about potential developmental deficits that pesticides and herbicides could be contributing to. In 1998, a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives showed the results of Elizabeth Gillette?s landmark study. The study compared children in two nearby towns. In one town, pesticides were regularly used in farming. In the other town, pesticides were not used in local farming practices. The two villages were chosen in that every aspect from climate to demographics was the same. Gillette reported.? The study found significant differences between the two groups in both mental and motor abilities (with the children who were exposed to pesticides scoring at a much lower level), as well as an increase in aggressive behavior.?

Modern-day farmers are receiving education on technologies in growing organic foods. The farmers are ready and willing to grow safe nutritious foods when the demand is there. The demand is starting, and it is up to the consumers to keep it alive and thriving.

Parents want the best foods for their families. For more information on acquiring organic food delivery and for locations of organic outlets and restaurants, contact Pura Organic. We can support all your needs for organic products. We carry everything from organic pastas to soy sauce. We have an astounding array of Thailand-grown produce.

Thailand?Rejuvenation and Toxicity

People from around the world come to Thailand to rejuvenate. They may, of course, do a little partying here and there. But the ultimate goal of most who visit or stay long term is to refresh. After a long flight here, a deep sleep in a comfy bed, we wake up, hear the birds, and take in the views of the lushness of the tropics. We order our morning coffee and some tropical fruit. We look at the ripe bananas and gorgeous pineapples, and know that we came to the right place. We feel so luxuriated as we enjoy the fresh tropical produce. What most of us are not aware of is the level of toxic residues on most Thai fruits and vegetables. It is so much, in fact, that the Thai government issued a self-imposed moratorium on exports of fruits and veggies to the European Union in an effort to show the west that they are aware of the problem and they are capable of self-policing their agricultural exports.

Thailand has promoted itself as ?The Kitchen of the World,? due to its successful produce export campaign. The country will have to reclaim this title, as the European Union may be the first to ban Thai vegetable exports. Thailand?s increased pesticide use has caused Thai produce to reach alarming levels of toxicity. Since 1997, Thailand has tripled its pesticide use and is using chemicals that have been banned in most developed countries.

Next time you enjoy that ripe banana you bought in a lovely open air market, you must be aware that the banana contains four chemicals known as probable carcinogens, several chemicals suspected as hormone disruptors, and a couple of known neurotoxins, along with five developmental or reproductive toxicants. There is no nice way to put it, but that beautiful banana is not safe.

Thai farmers are some of the hardest working people in the world. Sadly, they are receiving the greatest exposure to these chemicals. The farmers are not to be blamed for using such chemicals to keep up with the world?s demand for Thai produce. So, what to do? Until the public demands organic, they do not have a market for the extra effort of growing ?clean food?.

Pura Organic is a distributor who aids in assists Thai farmers in growing/distributing produce that is safe and richer in nutrients than non-organic products. Pura Organic is committed to public awareness of food safety, and uses business acumen to create the necessary demand safe quality foods. If the farmers can be assured of demand for organic produce, they will use the healthiest methods to cultivate their crops.

If you are visiting or living in Thailand, we suggest you contact Pura Organic to purchase your own produce, and learn of local restaurants who are using organic. You can also request your local grocers and restaurants to carry organic products. Let them know there is a demand for safe produce. If you came to Thailand to refresh, make sure you are taking precautions to avoid unsafe foods. Let us help you by contacting us on how to acquire the best of Thai produce.

Organic Beauty Section

Skin Absorption: Making Thai Organic Scrubs

Thailand is a great place to make homemade beauty products that you can use here or take home as gifts to family and friends. In this article, we will tell you the best ingredients for super scrubs made with Thai beautifying ingredients such as fresh turmeric, kaffir lime, coconut oil, and galangal. Pura Organic can supply you with all the ingredients for the scrubs. We will also tell you where to purchase the best sea salt for creating your own scrubs.

Before we give you our ?ancient secret recipes,? we would like to give you some scientific background on why scrubs are so effective at giving us a radiant glow. First, here?s a trivia question: What is the largest organ of our body? The skin, of course. We have millions of pores on our skin that are each like little mouths that absorb nutrients. This is why you want to use organic products that are toxin free when making skincare products. Non-organic ingredients can take a toll on the skin and general body health. This is especially true with massage oils that you may put in large amounts onto your skin.

Coconut Turmeric Galangal Scrub


Sea salt (You can purchase the highest quality, unaltered salts from aquarium stores)

Organic coconut oil

Organic turmeric

Organic galangal


Put chunks of turmeric and galangal into a blender. Cover the herbs with a generous amount of sea salt and pour enough coconut oil so that a layer of oil remains atop the other ingredients. Puree in blender.

Instructions for Use:

This is an invigorating scrub that you may want to scrub all over your body earlier in the day as it is quite energizing. Also, avoid getting the scrub around your eyes.

Benefits and Effects:

Turmeric is known as ?the beauty herb.? Indian brides apply turmeric to their entire bodies on the morning of their wedding for the glow it provides by day and the smooth-to-the-touch feel it provides by night. Both turmeric and galangal are antioxidants, and have anti-inflammatory properties?which make this an excellent scrub for wrinkle prevention. Both the galangal and coconut oil that are in the scrub are considered natural SPF boosters?again a perfect wrinkle prevention treatment.

Note: Galangal contains ethyl methoxycinnamate, a UV absorber.

Lemongrass Kaffir Lime Scrub

To make this scrub, you will basically follow the steps we described in the recipe for the Coconut Turmeric Galangal Scrub


Organic kaffir lime peel

Organic kaffir lime seeds

Organic lemongrass

Organic coconut oil

Sea salt


Put peel, seeds, lemongrass, and a generous amount of coconut oil and sea salt into blender, and puree.

Instructions for Use:

Scrub all over body any time of day. Avoid getting ingredients into the eyes.

Benefits and Healing Properties of Scrubs:

This salt scrub is as much of an assault to the senses as it is a gift to your cells. The cells of our body evolved with a mineral-rich composition. Our cells still thrive off a synergistic balance of 80-plus ocean minerals. This is why we suggest purchasing salts from aquarium stores. The salts have not been chemically altered so that fish can thrive in salt water tanks. Fish could not live in salt purchased from the markets. So, if aquarium salts are good enough for fish, it is good enough for beautifying our skin. If, however, you cannot get to a fish store, use the best quality sea salt you can find.

Kaffir lime is a lime unique to Southeast Asia has been described as ?the most aromatic member of our universe,? and ?a sweet bouquet of citrus blossoms.? The leaves and rinds have a perfume unlike any other citrus, sometimes described as ?mysterious or haunting.? When you wash with it, you will always be the best smelling person in the room; except to insects, who are repelled by it.

Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM) has used kaffir lime as a blood cleanser and for detoxification. TTM also prescribes kaffir lime to cleanse the mind.? Modern western medicine has currently identified kaffir lime extract as a powerful anti-fungal treatment and an anti-proliferative treatment for cancer cells and tumors. Lemongrass has numerous medicinal benefits, but when mixed with coconut oil, it has been effective in eliminating joint pain and pain from injuries such as sprains. It also has cooling effect, and has even been used for fever.

Living Organic Recipes Section

Cashew Cheese Spread

If you want to learn about one of Thailand’s produce exports, you may want to visit some of the cashew farms while in Thailand. They often provide tours and you can drink the juice from the cashew fruit. Yes, cashews come from a fruit, which makes a delicious red juice.

Like most produce in Thailand, the nuts and seeds are grown with pesticides. Pura Organic provides pesticide-free nuts and seeds. Here is one recipe for a cashew cheesey substitute. As more and more people are avoiding milk products for health and ecology purposes, innovative chefs are creating substitutes for one of our favorite comfort foods?cheese. This recipe was adapted from a vegan cheese recipe created by the famous vegetarian chef Matthew Kenney.

Cashew Cheese Spread

1 3/4? cups cashews (or almonds) soaked 1 to 2 hours
2 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp water
1/2? cup oil
1 tsp sea salt
1/4? medium shallot (or 1/2 scallion)
1/2? tsp chili powder
pinch of cayenne
pinch of tumeric
1/2 clove garlic, crushed
black pepper to taste
chopped up herbs of choice (set aside)
Mix all ingredients in the blender or food processor. Stir in your chopped herbs last. You can eat as is or spread on crackers.

Note: Pura Organic has organic versions of all the ingredients in this recipe, including fresh turmeric and a vast array of herbs.

Variation: If you are pushing yourself to eat salads, but crave richer, creamy foods, put this mixture on chopped veggies or on your favorite greens and mix it up. This rich, cheesy-like sauce turns salad into a rich comfort food.

Thai Stir Fry

When we think of eating a stir fry, we tend to think Chinese food. Thailand is famous for its own aromatic stir fries that many would say surpass those of our big Chinese neighbors to the north. The main difference is a Thai stir fry adds aromatic herbs such as basil or cilantro and of course red hot chili peppers if you can take it.

What’s even better than a typical Thai stir is a raw stir fry. There is not reason to cook the goodness out of the food when it is not necessary. When cooking our veggies at high temperatures, we reduce the vitamin content by 70%, kill the enzymes our bodies need to digest the food, and remove all the life force. In a warm country like Thailand, we do not need a steaming hot stir fry, when we can accomplish the same results by marinating our veggies.

Here is a recipe for an organic stir fry full nutrient richness and life force.


Organic oil, organic vinegar, organic soy sauce, organic sesame oil, organic ginger, organic garlic, and organic lemon juice
Organic Veggies of Your Choice (examples: carrots, zucchini, bok choy, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, bell peppers, fresh baby corn, onions, snow peas, and other organic veggies.)

Note: Choose one or two Thai herbs of choice such as fresh basil or cilantro. If you like it spicy, you can add some minced hot peppers too.


Mix veggies and marinade and let sit for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. The marinating process will wilt your vegetables as if you have stir fried them. The difference between marinating and stir frying is all nutrient stay in tact, just like nature intended.

When you are ready to serve, sprinkle your stir fry with some sesame seeds. The marinated vegetables will hold up in the fridge so you can make a big batch and enjoy for several days.

Note: Pura Organic provides not only high quality veggie produce, all the organic sauces you would need for this recipe. Pura Oranic is your one stop shop for “everything organic” in Thailand.

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