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How Healthy is Organic…….

  • The word ‘organic’ was first found mentioned in the 1500’s when it was meant to mean “Serving as an organ or instrument” from the greek “Organikos”
  • It was also used to mean: “related to living plants and animals”
  • Scientifically it refers to a class of molecules containing carbon, especially those involved in the chemistry of life


More simplified and easier for the purpose of this presentation the word organic refers to foods produced using methods of organic farming, products made with organic products. Items which do not involve modern synthetic (unnatural) products like pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

In addition organic products are also not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents or chemical food additives/stabilizers.

When industrial agriculture started to develop using chemicals in the 1930s it did not take long before a movement in favour of organic farming started. Already in the early days they knew it was unhealthy and could have detremental effects.

Even today the ever increasing demand for organic products is fueled by the belief that organic food is safer, more nutritious and tastes better than ‘conventional food’ (a terminology which I do not understand as I consider organic farming more conventional than the chemical farming it now refers to).

Opinions vary of course, many people means many opinions, all I know it simply is a better choice NOT to eat chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides/herbicides. Regardless of the many claims that these don’t harm and that these have been tested by the FDA or other government agencies and considered as ‘safe’.

 It is perhaps only a matter of time that modernization of measuring equipment is able to judge otherwise.

Perhaps in the same way as was the case of DDT/DDD which in 1873 was synthesized and found useful to control malaria and typhus. Only in  1939 the insecticidal properties were discovered and the production and use skyrocketed as it was used more and more in agriculture to fight pests. It was only in the 1960s that the logic of releasing large amounts of chemicals into the environment without fully understanding their effects on ecology or human health was challenged and it was suggested that DDT and other pesticides might cause cancer and that their use was a threat to wildlife, particularly birds.

These critiques led to DDT being banned for agricultural use (In the U.S. in 1972). DDT was subsequently banned for agricultural use worldwide under the Stockholm Convention signed in 2001 and effective since 2004 which aims to eliminate or restrict the production and use of persistent organic pollutants (POP’s) which pose a risk to human health and the environment.

Some products were restricted, like DDT, some products were eliminated entirely, huge lists of products were affected.

It is clear that using the example mentioned it takes time for science to find out the bad aspects of new chemicals, in the case of DDT it took more than 60 years to be banned. I’m born in the 50s and I’ve read that my body will still carry particles of DDT today which might still affect my health one day in the future.

By the way, this list of chemicals banned by the Stockholm Convention still changes from time to time as more substances are added, as for instance during the Fourth Conference or Parties in May 2009 which modifications came into force in August 2010.

I would like to mention Birke Baehr here, when 11 year old he gave a presentation about organic farming at a TED conference and suggested to ask yourself “Who would you rather pay for your health, the hospital or your farmer?”.

Conclusion: consumption of unnatural elements which are considered without health risk today might become part of the Stockholm Convention one day in the future so why take the risk?

Anyway back to the more positive news: organic food, food produced without chemicals, without pesticides is available worldwide today,it is a growing market and a growing number of farms are switching to this healthier alternative.

Organics are available in Thailand through Pura Organic Foods Ltd, our office and shop is in Cherngtalay on the road just off the main highway #402 between Heroine Monument and Cherngtalay/Laguna/Surin, 100 meters passed the Red Gate with the dragons when you enter Cherngtalay.

We ship everywhere and use postoffice, van deliveries, bus deliveries and air deliveries.

Although my personal decision to start eating organic food for me and my family in the early 80s actually had nothing to do with health, I simply thought it tasted so much better.

I’m a foody, I love food, eat way too much of it as you can see…. Living in a small village just north of Rotterdam I was lucky to have an organic farm a short distance from my home, I spent quite some time there and organic food has had a place in my life ever since.

In my 60s today and not having been ill and away from work for the last 25 years or so one could conclude my health was impacted positively probably because of it. It probably helped me get the nutrition required and fight all the other bad stuff I consume…. .

We started late 2010 and the first 1,5 to 2 years mainly occupied in sourcing organic products as these were not readily available.

Today Pura has established a network of over 100 suppliers, both fresh and dry products. We have over 1000 products in our database and we continue to try to find more and better suppliers.

We not only select on organic but on tasty and healthy organic only. Many products can grow all over Thailand but we select produce only which grows under the right conditions…. it doesn’t make sense to buy tomatoes because they are organic or look like a tomato, a tomato needs to taste great and only a few areas in Thailand offer the right climate and conditions to achieve that. This works the same for many products.

If organic is not available we will choose for the best available  which normally is organically (without certificate) or alternatively chemical free. We will not sell hydroponic as it lacks the nutrition in our opinion.

For instance hydroponic salad looks great but come on…. lets be fair and simple, it grows in water which is treated with about 10 to 12 refined minerals to give it some elements but true healthy and taste salad has to grow in organic and open soil with over 50 minerals available to pass to the plant and only than it becomes a healthy vegetable.

Spinach is not healthy because it is called spinach, it only becomes healthy when it grows in healthy soil!

Not only vegetables, fruits and herbs Pura for instance also offers organic milk, organic yogurts (which are home made with love using organic milk and organic fruits), we have low cost simple organic yogurts and a little more expensive higher quality organic yogurts. And we have some non organic milk based products like tatziki, kefir and quark from a local producer.

Nowadays we also carry super foods, a category of products with high levels of anti-oxidants like Spirulina, Chlorella, Goji Berries, Chia Seeds, wheatgrass powders, fresh wheatgrass etc.

As juicing is becoming more and more popular we carry a range of products to service these clients, we have juicers, blenders, we prepare our own rawking fresh organic juices and have a nice selection for you to do your detox, your weightloss, your feel good, your skin repair or whatever you want to call it.

For the fans of Juicing, for vegetarians, vegans and for raw food lovers it is extremely important to consume health organic vegetables, fruits and herbs as they eat so much more than someone wih an average diet because of which they also run the risk to consume much more chemicals and pesticides, this means you eat do something healthy but are doing so with unhealthy products, not a wise choice in my humble opinion.

 Pura’s mission is to put taste back into and start enjoying healthy food again, we want to represent quality in the organic food markets. We want to be your one-stop-shop for organic and are passionate about great tasting products.
We will help you understand the value of eating natural, fresh, organic foods and thereby improving your general health.

Most vegetables, herbs and fruits nowadays only look like vegetable, herbs and fruits and not only look like like but also taste like polaroid pictures. Organic food brings the taste back like it was intended and used to be.

Pura offers the service of  weekly fresh organic boxes, available through its home delivery service, these can be fit to the specific family situation.

As mentioned earlier, we are extremely proud of our product range Fresh Organic Juices, a selection of organic juices (and an unlimited amount of ‘made to order’ juices) for a detox, a weight loss, a feel good, a skin repair or what ever you want to call it. All freshly made using a slow juicer so an abundance of minerals and vitamins will help to achieve your goals. Our juices are made with organic vegetables, herbs and fruits only. It simply does not make sense to do something healthy using unhealthy chemical and pesticide lade produce. (“you can’t detox with toxins…”)

Martin H.J.Smetsers
Pura Organic Foods Ltd

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