JuiceBottles3Juicing, is it the right thing for top sporters?

Rawkin’ Fresh Organic Juices by Pura have been scrutinized, tested and considered healthy and a great alternative for top sporters, please read the below experience of a 46 year old professional triathlete who did a 7 day Juice Feast during his demanding training schedules… He biked more than 600 km, ran more than 40km and swam more than 16km, while on juices only.

Thomas Braun, a 46 year old veteran Triathlete, has been drinking Pura’s Organic Juices combined with 2 bottles of Pura’s Almond Milk for a full week, and during his 7 days of juicing, combined with his 7 days of hard triathlon training, experienced the following:

He said the first 3 days are the hardest (Pura: yes this is quite normal, your system is used to solid food and in day 2 or 3 the toxins are leaving your body which normally causes some headaches).

On day 5 of his 7 day juice his training schedule demanded a hard work out, (as a professional sporter Thomas trains every day), and for this day there was a fast 120km bike ride scheduled with the Triahlon group of Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club here on Phuket.

On day 6 and 7 his training power even amazed his training partners to the extent that they asked him questions like “Hey Superman what is up with you, you’re so strong….”, of course Thomas replied “I’m on Pura’s juices” he himself also impressed with his own performance.

Thomas also mentioned that during his week of juicing he became both more conscious about, and very impressed of what the body needs, and even during his demanding training schedules, could sufficiently be found in the juices he drank. And in fact, it actually helped him perform even better than usual. No solid foods, no extra proteins, just the 7 base juices known as Pura’s “Juice Feast” with the extra and optional 2 almond milks did the trick.

He also said that he felt more conscious about how important nutrition is. Now that the juice week is over, he felt like continuing to eat healthy food which replaced the normal craving for some not too healthy alternatives.

Thomas, who had juiced before this time really wanted to test these juices. He recorded daily measurements to see the real effect the juicing had on his body, and on the performance of a well trained athlete. The following are a summary of his results:

From 77.8 to 71.8 kg, from Fat Mass 9.3 to 7.2 kg, from muscle mass 65 to 61.3 kg, his BMI from 23.2 to 21.4, from a Physique rating of “Standard Muscular” to “Thin and Muscular”.

The only thing Thomas added were Hi5 tablets to add minerals (without carbohydrates) to his water, and branched chain amino acids for protein on his bike rides.

Thomas thus concludes Juicing is a very healthy break away from your regular diet and the 7 day juice feast replacing all solid foods altogether is something which could be done once every two months.

Martin Smetsers of would like to add that these results even impressed him, “I knew our juices were great of course, thats why we made these juices like they are today, nutritious and 100% organic in order to be easy to digest, the energy saved that way helps to energize. All 7 combines only 1,000 Calories with 40 grams of protein”.

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