Why would you bother to drink Kombucha or even start to brew your own?

Well, it is not only just a refreshing substitute for soda, you will also get some health benefits from drinking Kombucha.

#1 Boost of your immune system
Kombucha is rich in antioxidants (Gluconic Acid) and therefore strengthens immunity. Probiotics are good for our gut, and the immune system is located there. The fermentation process of Kombucha encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in our gut.

#2 Natural Detoxifier
Probiotics and enzymes promote detoxification. By drinking Kombucha you add probiotics and enzymes to your gut, which supports the process of detoxification.

#3 Helps your digestive system
Enzymes help our body to break down the intake of food and digest it faster and to allow us to absorb the nutrients easily into our bloodstream.

#4 Rich in Vitamins
B vitamins provide support for the body’s metabolic functions including overall energy, utilization of carbohydrates, heart health, and healthy hair, skin, and nails. Adequate intake of B vitamins can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, boost memory, and relieve PMS.

#5 Say Goodbye to Hangovers
Kombucha has natural detoxifying properties like gluconic acid that targets the liver. To avoid hangovers drink one glass of kombucha before you go to bed. Try it and notice the difference!

Once you research more health benefits you will find many people who believe that drinking Kombucha cured cancer and other heavy diseases. We would not go that far with such a statement. We believe that Kombucha brings your body back to balance and thus your body will be able to fight better against diseases.


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