Organic Agriculture Principles


Organic Agriculture Principles as published by IFOAM Organics International

– The Principle of Health
– The Principle of Ecology
– The Principle of Fairness
– The Principle of Care

These Principles are the roots from which organic agriculture
grows and develops. They express the contribution that organic
agriculture can make to the world, and a vision to improve all
agriculture in a global context.

Agriculture is one of humankind’s most basic activities because
all people need to nourish themselves daily. History, culture and
community values are embedded in agriculture. The Principles
apply to agriculture in the broadest sense, including the way
people tend soils, water, plants and animals in order to produce,
prepare and distribute food and other goods. They concern the
way people interact with living landscapes, relate to one another
and shape the legacy of future generations.

The Principles of Organic Agriculture serve to inspire the organic
movement in its full diversity. They guide IFOAM’s development
of positions, programs and standards. Furthermore, they are
presented with a vision of their world-wide adoption.

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