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Organic Juice Detox – I did it, YOU can too

Organic Juice Detox

Organic Juice Detox

Organic Juice Detox – I did it, YOU can too

Even I did an Organic Juice Detox, me, the one who struggled with every diet his entire life, he who weighs a ton, the one who should lose weight but is attracted to everything to do with good and tasty food, the one who can’t rest on the couch without a small walk to the fridge for a piece of cheese, a slice of salami, even I really enjoyed the juices+ experience, didn’t feel hungry, felt strong, felt healthy, full of initiatives… and lost quite some weight.

As it’s quite a big step for anyone to suddenly start a detox with juices, one could opt for a 2 or 3 days adjustment period, let’s say a pre-juice by simply eating organic raw wholefoods. We also advise to do another 2 or 3 days after your Juice Feast… it’s better, let your body adjust to the forthcoming changes.

What I believe is even more important is to make the experience achievable by selecting healthy raw organic food in order to make the juices tasteful instead of experiencing what I’d like to call ‘drinking a footballfield’ with tasteless unnutricious products. Of course you can make any juice taste better with some fruit elements but these should really be limited to about 20 – 30%.

Pura Organic Foods Ltd now offers a choice of Juices programs, just see these as a combination of a taste and healthy juice with an optional touch of extra humpff (for instance choice of flaxseeds (oil, crushed or whole), spirulina, chlorella (even broken cell), maca powder, moringa, psyllium husk, chia seeds…).

From straightforward green juices to creative combinations like Beetroot with French Beans, Cucumber and Pumpkin or something like Sweet Potato, Onion and Lemongrass, great varieties to make the whole juicing experience a pleasant one. (and yes even the one with onion was quite enjoyable)

All our juices are made with a slow juicer, a machine which uses a low speed to separate the fibers but instead of using a high powered speed which basically creates friction which creates heating which is equal to cooking which is known to reduce the nutritional content of food. Remember… blending is like outsourcing chewing, no difference for the way your system reacts to it.

Heard someone explain it as a high speed blender replaces the chewing of the food which a person normally does and your stomach reacts in the same way, creating the same enzymes but when you juice your body processes this concentrated health entering your system more directly. The blenders high speeds reduce most of the fibers to small particles the body won’t recognize as fibers any longer.

You’re probably aware of the green drink, green juice craze that seems to have swept the globe.  Juice trucks and smoothie bars are popping up left and right.  This is one “diet craze” that I can certainly get on board with, and feel totally free to encourage you to get on board with too!  Of course anything that is centered around getting more fruits and vegetables into your body is going to be something that I will encourage, but there is so much more to these green elixirs than just their fruit and vegetable content! Here’s the juice on the juice:

Organic Juice Detox – I did it, YOU can too

1. Juicing and blending your greens breaks down their cell walls. Greens are amazing in salads, but the only problem with eating them is that your body lacks the enzymes necessary to break down the cell walls of the plant. This makes it so that you are not to be able to extract all the nutrients from those cells. When you take your greens in juice or blended form, those cell walls are removed and you can reap maximum benefit from all the amazing nutrients hidden within the cells.

2. Greens have Chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is one of the best things that you can put into your body! Chlorophyll, when looked at molecularly is almost identical to the composition of your red blood cells, aside from the fact that it has magnesium in the center, as opposed to iron. This means that Chlorophyll is amazing for increasing oxygenation in your body (more oxygen equals more energy for you!) as well as being highly cleansing for your blood. You can even use chlorophyll as an internal deodorant because it is so cleansing for you!

3. Vitamin and Mineral Power! These drinks are amazing for anyone who has poor digestive function. When you juice or blend, you take all the digestive work away from your body, making all the vital nutrients in your fruits and vegetables readily available for your body to absorb and use. This can mean the difference between being partially nourished and being super charged!

4. Green juice and green smoothies will clean out your digestive system. The fiber, chlorophyll, and other nutrients, found especially in greens will clean you out. Did you know that you can store up to 20 pounds of waste in your colon! Yuck! The more things we can do to keep our systems clean the better.

5. Components of green juice and smoothies have medicinal qualities. Parsley is a blood cleanser. Cilantro pulls heavy metals from the body. Ginger is a carminative, which means that it cleanses the gut as well as healing it. Citrus juice can help fight infection. The more of these powerful foods you put into your body, the better!

I hope I have stirred a fire in you to go out and give some green juice or a green smoothie a try. I promise, your body will thank you!

Please note that Pura Organic Foods Ltd nor any of its staff and representatives are not nutritional specialist, not health professionals nor medical specialists. We offer these products without any medical background at all just our own experiences. To feel more comfortable and to check if these are right for you we advise you to check with a health professional to see if these smoothies are a good choice for you. We are enthousiast about our products though, we believe in our products can help you becoming more healthy.

Organic Juice Detox – I did it, YOU can too

Martin H.J.Smetsers

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