How We Create Great Organic Tea
Great organic tea need not be complicated. How many times have you picked up a box of tea only to be shocked by the potpourri of ingredients you found listed on the side? I know it happens to me. As the coordinator of Research and Development here at Choice Organic Teas, I have a pretty good idea of the type of ingredients it takes to make great organic tea.

Recently, I was at a grocery store here in Seattle checking out some teas. I picked up one box that said it was “White Tea.” Now personally, I’m fond of White Tea, but on the ingredient statement, I couldn’t find “white tea” until the third item listed, following two items that were spices and not tea at all.

I’m still wondering what kind of beverage it really should have been labeled. (Incidentally, another tea contained citric acid, which leads to a very important question. How long should you steep citric acid before it’s ready to drink? I’m not sure, either.)

With Choice Organic Teas, you won’t find any surprises like citric acid. Our philosophy is simple. We want each tea to shine through for what it is. We carefully combine organic teas, herbs, spices, and natural flavors to accent and balance the flavor rather than to overpower and define it. Each product reflects the unique flavor of regional varieties of tea available, something often forgotten in today’s rush to organic tea.

So when you return to your grocery store aisle looking for more great tea, take another look at the ingredients on the side of each tea box. The best products are simply that – just great organic tea.


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