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Phuket Healthy Food – be careful out there

Phuket Healthy FoodPhuket Healthy Food
“Disease prevention starts with what you eat!”

Phuket healthy food, you can find it but you’ll have to do your best……

Plenty of quality supermarkets around with huge selections (Tops, Villa Market etc), also specialized shops like ours which also has an extensive selection available online).

In Thailand and if you are looking on Phuket for Healthy food you are advised to be careful with what and where you buy on the local markets, where not the highest hygienic standards exist and a lot of produce is treated with unhealthy stuff, f.i. even formaldehyde to help in extending shelf life. (Organic is meant to extend human life)

Locally bought isn’t locally grown

Also please do not think that all the products you buy on the local markets are indeed local. Many products could be imported from countries where the food standards are sometimes worse. All mass produced with one goal: to produce as much as possible. Many newspapers have regularly reported that fresh vegetables, fruit, and herbs carry dangerous levels of pesticide residue, well over the limit considered healthy.

Locally farmed fish is treated with antibiotics, fed with GMO, bad food and hormones.  It all looks so lovely and served by lovely people but please be careful out there.


Even the organic eggs sold in supermarkets come from farmers who use fishmeal to feed their chicken, guess what the eggs taste like….. (best to try Pura’s organic eggs from a USDA certified farm and fed with only organic vegetable scraps from the farm).

For Phuket Healthy Food you also have to be careful with f.i. street food vendors or those cute little restaurants, as they could be using too much MSG or prepare their food using the worst possible old oils. Even the protein rich crickets sold on markets are o.k. to eat but because they are cooked in disgusting oils you’re advised not to!

Where to get good fresh sea fish?

There are plenty of little fish mongers who sell fish caught that very same night, while you’re there you might see the wife’s of the fisherman arriving on their sidecar scooters and delivering fish to be sold still very much alive, this is the stuff you want to buy! Fresh and very well priced.

Phuket healthy food: let’s summarize what could be meant with “healthy food” or a “healthy diet”:

1 Should have grown in healthy soil (f.i. Organic and not in water)
2 Should not have added unhealthy stuff (f.i. High Fructose Corn Syrup)
3 Not treated to increase shelf life (f.i. Chemicals)
4 High in vitamins (f.i. A,B,C,D,E and K)
5  High in Minerals (f.i. Calcium, Potassium and Iron)
5 Prepared in healthy oils (f.i. not saturated, not old, not canola)
6 Part of a balanced diet (f.i. something from each food group)
7 Varied (f.i. from different food groups)
8 Eaten in moderation (f.i. not too much)
9 Include Proteins (f.i. fish, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, nuts, and beans)
10 Include good Fats (f.i. fish, dairy, nuts)
11 Include carbohydrates (f.i. from fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, and legumes)
12 Include plenty of healthy water (f.i. clean and not out of plastic bottles)
13 If you’ll have a high-calorie lunch or dinner, try to eat low-calorie items the rest of the day
14 When eating fatty, high cholesterol food one day, aim to balance that with a few days of non-fat
15 Chose lean meat but remember your body needs fat
16 Remember that when it reads “Low Fat” think “Sugar Bomb”
17 Remember that when it reads “Low Sugar” think “Fat Bomb”
18 Try to limit saturated fats (f.i. cheese, meat, whole-fat dairy, butter, palm and coconut oils)
19 Limit Trans fats (f.i. from fatty meat and dairy)
20 Careful with carbohydrates (Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes are nutrition rich)
21 Careful with carbohydrates (Products made from sugar and starch are not high in Nutrients)
22 Vitamin rich food help the chemical reactions in your body (your body does not make vitamins)
23 Vitamins A, D, E and K can be held by your body but prevent storing too much of these
24 Vitamins C and B are important to get from your diet
25 Minerals, like vitamins, have to come from your diet (be selective, some a lot, some not too many)
26 Water, always drink a lot to keep you satisfied, to keep you hydrated

If you’re looking for healthy food on Phuket its important to pay attention to these elements in order to help your system receive the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. You will feel better and energized. You’ll be strong, able to resist bugs, able to fight illnesses.

But be careful out there

Thailand is too well known for high residues of pesticides and other chemicals on the freshly farmed products (vegetables, fruits, and herbs). Yes, one should eat fresh veggies and fruits, you need your vitamins and worldwide the advice is to eat 200g of vegetables and 200g of fruit per day. But for your health chose organic!

Did you know that 2 weeks on organic food only will help to clear your body from pesticide and chemical residues? See the video below.


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