Chiang Da

Chiang Da (Northern Thailand) 100g

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Known as the “sugar destroyer”. Used in Ayurvedic medicine for several centuries as a safe and natural approach to help regulate sugar metabolism.

Major component of Gymnema – Gymnemic Acids – mimics glucose molecules, numbing receptor sites on the tongue. Gymnema contains Gymnemic acid, Quercitol, Lupeol, Beta-Amyrin and Stigmasterol, all of which are thought to help the body maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

It Helps Diabetics to balance their Blood sugar and has been proven to work well
Benefits of Gymnema inodorum Lour.(Gurmar)

When taken as directed, Gymnema may:
Help abolish the taste of sugar*
Help manage sugar cravings and sugar addictions*
Help support healthy glucose metabolism*
Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels*
Support healthy weight*


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