Essential Oil Eucalyptus-15ml

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Essential Oil Eucalyptus

Essential Oil Eucalyptus uses (Eucalyptus Radiata) have long been known to include anything regarding the respiratory system, deodorize and more. The oil is created through the steam distillation of the leaves from the shrubs and trees, leaving an aroma that is camphorous, sweet, and slightly fruity.

Primary Benefits

  • Assist with clear breathing
  • Supports overall respiratory health
  • Soothes tired, sore muscles
  • Purifying and cleansing properties

Emotional Benefits:

Its aroma is more commonly known for its support of the respiratory system and any issues involving it, as well as many skin related concertns. But aromatically, it has some interesting psychological benefits too. In particular, it relates to a person’s willingness to be well. Many people jmay think that everyone decisres to be well, but don’t acknowledge the often underlying patterns that keep us perpetuating illness. It might be out of a lack of self-love, feelings of “selfishness”, hypochondria, or even a lesson that many people learn that says illness is what gains you love and attention. Eucalyptus oil uses may then include helping a person regain their own healthy empowerment, self-approval and self-love, release patterns of neediness to those who can’t or arent’ willling to love or care for them, and even move past patterns that keep a person in a role of victim to people or circumstances.

How to us:

  • combine with lemon and peppermint in a spray bottle for an effective cleaning spray.
  • mix with a carrier oil and rub on chest to assist with clear breathing
  • while showering, place a few drops in the hands, place over nose and inhale deeply to clear the mind and promote clear breathing.
  • For jet lag, eucalyptus oil uses include waking up the body with its slightly sweet, fruity and camphorous aroma. Use topically or aromatically.
  • Make a cooling spray, place several drops in a spray bottle, along with peppermint oil if you’d like some extra oomph, and spritz over the body.

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