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An Organic Juice 3-14 Day Organic Cleanse

If your body is ready for a REBOOT,  a Pura Organic Juice Program might be exactly what you need! A juice cleanse revives your system and replenishes the body bringing you back to the basics of life and food–by incorporating organic, easily-digested, nutrient-dense juices into your daily routine in the most convenient way possible. This Organic Juice Cleanse program is designed to restore and heal your body by giving it a break and cleansing your system, all while going on about your daily life. Often cleanses stir up detox symptoms that are too severe for the “average” person, a Pura’s Organic Juice Cleanses strive to ease your body back into rhythm while giving you the kick-start you need to function at peak performance. Your 3-7 day cleanse will gently rid your body of impurities, regain alkaline balance, and normalize digestion and metabolism.

PREPARING for your Organic Juice Cleanse

The more prepared you are before your cleanse, the smoother your transition will be. Take this time to simplify your diet and plan for your cleanse. We recommend that a few days prior to cleansing, our clients prepare themselves by removing the following from their diet: refined sugars, meat, wheat, soy, whey, dairy, eggs, alcohol and caffeine. You will want to start adding fresh fruit, greens, and veggies at every meal. This is also a great time to inform your friends and family of your juice cleanse and ask for their support….”I’m going to be doing something amazing for myself and my body, and eating out is off limits for me for a few.” They may think you are crazy, but you’re in a great position to set an example and be a walking advertisement for all the benefits of doing a juice cleanse! It might even inspire them to go and do one themselves!

Do NOT have binge night the night before you begin your cleanse! This is not the night to celebrate with steak and chocolate cake with a martini to wash it down. Preparation for your cleanse is ESSENTIAL for success!

3 DAYS Before:

Phase out all meat. Lightly steamed or poached fish is okay with veggies and a salad. On our raw veggie salads we like to use olive oil, garlic and lemon dressing. Olive oil should be organic, extra virgin, cold pressed, unfiltered (looks cloudy) not factory produced.

2 DAYS Before:

Green salads should be the mainstay of your diet at this time. You may have a bit of plain brown rice or a sweet potato if you are craving something more.

1 DAY before:

VEGETABLES–raw or lightly steamed. Avoid starchy veggies such as carrots, beets, and squash. Salads are always allowed.

Every MORNING the first thing you should put into your body is room temperature or warm filtered water. Organic fresh squeezed lemon added to your water has a hydrating and alkalizing effect on the body. This will wake up your organs and get things moving. Herbal tea is allowed as much as you like whenever you like.

Juices and Food for Your Organic Juice Cleanse

All your drinks will be numbered. Drink throughout the day, 2-3 hours apart from each other. These provide all the nutrients your body will need for the day and then some! We recommend finishing your last beverage which is the almond milk at least two hours before bedtime in order to allow it to fully digest.. Keep yourself hydrated as much as possible with water and herbal or green tea between each juice! (This will help with any possible coffee withdrawal headaches). During the cleanse you can eat small portions of raw organic vegetables and fruit, ratio of veggies should be 80%, fruits 20%. Suggested items to snack on organic soup broths (grass-fed bone, veggie).

Post Juice Cleanse

Once you are ready to stop your juice cleanse, it’s important to know what to do after a juice-only diet. Ending the program the right way is crucial. If you don’t discipline yourself during this transitional phase, you will undo all the benefits you have gained.

Count on this phase lasting 3 or 4 days. Slowly reintroduce solid foods so your digestive system has time to reprogram, and so it won’t over react. One of the safest ways to resume eating food is to begin with foods high in water content, or foods you have been juicing. For instance, if you’ve been enjoying apples in your juices, reintroduce apples as a food the first day after a juice-only diet ends. Grapefruit is high in water content, and is another wonderful ‘first food’ as you get your digestive tract ready to consume solids again. For the first day at least, stick with uncooked food as it continues to provide vital raw juices and pulp to your system. Keep flushing your system with lots of herbal teas, broths, soups and other liquids that are nutrient rich. Well chewed salads, vegetable soups and raw fruits are the best way to go. Don’t forget you allowed your digestive system to go to sleep for the period you were on a juice cleanse. In order not to overload the metabolism and digestive tract after a juice-only diet, don’t eat large portions of food all at once. Nibble.


  • DAY 1 – Fresh fruit eaten throughout the day. Fresh squeezed non-pasteurized juice (green, citrus, or fruit).
  • DAY 2 – Veggies–lightly steamed or raw. Avoid starchy vegetables, green leafy salads are welcome at this point.
  • DAY 3 – Green Salads mainly. If you need something more, you may add plain brown rice or a sweet potato in small portions.
  • DAY 4 – Meat may be reintroduced now if you eat meat. Recommend lightly steamed or poached fish with veggies and a salad.
  • DAY 5 – Regular, more “dense” foods may also be reintroduced slowly. You are now ready to ease back into your daily healthy diet.


Out with the OLD, in with the NEW! An important concept to remember while you cleanse. By doing a juice cleanse, you are telling your body you are ready to heal and detoxify. It starts cleaning house, but if you have a lot of toxins, your body will be working overdrive to dump those toxins. Your bowels may decide to have you spend a lot of the time on the toilet or the complete opposite!

You need to keep your digestive tract open and moving. The most effective way to get rid of old undigested waste matter is through a colonic or a self-administered enema. Colonics are a safe and gentle effective method to use before, during and post cleanse. We recommend scheduling a colonic the first and last day of your cleanse. During your Organic Cleanse from My Organic Juice, your body will be releasing toxins. A colonic will assist in the flushing of these toxins…if they cannot escape they will be reabsorbed into your bloodstream.


KEEP DRINKING WATER! At least 12 oz. filtered water between each juice. We want to stimulate bowel movements and this will assist in the process. If you are not eliminating regularly, you may add a gentle herbal laxative and or probiotics. Also, a colonic will help with this process of elimination.


Most people experience some sort of detox reaction during a juice cleanse. It’s important to check in with your body on a daily basis during the fast.  If you’re bouncing out of bed, then feel free to do your usual routine, including exercise.

Also please check in with your healthcare practitioner before starting a juice fast, especially if you are on medication, have a serious illness or pregnant.

Don’t be alarmed! Possible and temporary detox symptoms may include: fatigue, nausea, insomnia, runny nose, boost of energy, constipation, diarrhea, headaches, rash, hives, dry mouth.


  • 1. Colonics
  • These are brilliant at removing blocked waste matter and toxins from the colon, as well as toning the bowel and creating a clean environment internally to allow good bacteria to flourish and colonize. Good bacteria cannot colonize a toxic environment.
  • 2. Infrared Sauna
  • This is far better than a Swedish sauna, because it penetrates deeper into the skin’s layers and targets organs to detox from the inside out. Plus, there is no blasting steam, just a nice dry, comfortable heat. If you live in Delray here is a good place to go.
  • 3. Massage
  • This is a wonderful way to move toxins out of the body. Not only does it feels great, it will help you sleep better, too. If your masseuse is made aware you are cleansing and gently and slowly massages the liver, it could possibly double the effects of your cleanse! The liver works overtime during a cleanse and it is conveniently located where it can be reached and massaged to assist in detox.
  • 4. Exercise
  • As mentioned before, do this at a pace that suits your body’s energy levels during the juice fast. Gentle walks or yoga are great for the low energy days. If you feel up to it, do your normal exercise routine if that means a run or hitting the gym. Working up a sweat is also a great way to get toxins out of the body. Shower as a soon as possible after you sweat so your skin does not reabsorb it.
  • 5. Sun
  • Direct sunlight on our bodies gives us energy, and that really important vitamin, vitamin D, which boosts our immune system and helps prevent cancer. Sunlight also triggers our body to produce 200 anti-microbials that kill off bad bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. Try to get at least 15 minutes to half an hour of sunshine a day, as the best way to get vitamin D into your body is on skin without sunscreen. (Try to avoid peak UV periods if you’re concerned about sunburn.) Roll up your sleeves or expose a leg or two!
  • 6. Dry Skin Brush
  • A dry skin brush is essential for a daily mini detox, and makes you feel good! Do in the morning for a few minutes before you get in the shower. Start by brushing in long sweeps from the base of your toes, work up your legs, up to the middle of your body, working towards your heart. Then start from the tips of your fingers and work in long sweeps down your body towards your heart. Make sure you do your neck, and back as well. Your body should be tingling all over.


Now that you have done a fast this is a great opportunity to not slip back into any bad habits consuming processed foods, wheat, dairy, meat or sugar.

And finally, the most important part is to congratulate yourself! What a huge achievement and truly special way to honor yourself–to allow yourself to become a healthier, stronger more vibrant version of you!

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We are not physicians. We do not diagnose or treat ailments. We provide information and products which you may or may not select for your own good health. Please confer with your health care provider before you undertake a cleanse or juicing program. If you have diabetes or if you are under continual care of a physician please consult with him first.

WARNING: This product has not been pasteurized and, therefore, may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.


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