Pura is all about good food, food like it used to taste, food in nature’s way.
Unfortunately we can’t find certified organic meat in Thailand and we thus strive to find quality meat from animals raised by farmers in a old fashioned way, free range, well treated. No anti-biotics or hormones should be used.
The meat produced this way is the old fashioned stuff our parents and great parents used to eat, meat with an honest taste.
Why is this pork a premium product?
Pigs are fed with quality feed at all growth stages, Raised on small family farms – Hormone free, Antibiotic free – No medication within 30 days of shipping.
The Chiang Mai black Pork is like the well known Korabuta.
– Delicious free range and tender meat – An intense flavour and texture – Flown in from Chiangmai to Phuket ( but wait……. who said that pigs can’t fly ….. )
Buther it the way you want it, in the thickness you want it. The cheapest way to offer your guest a quality pork product.
We sell primal parts only:
1 The Shoulder
2 The Center (Loin & Belly)
3 The Ham (Leg)
Parts could weigh between 10 and 17 kg each (but tend to be at lower end of this range)
Black Pork 290 THB per Kilogram
White Pork 270 THB per Kilogram
We think this is a sharp price for this quality and
Sausages available in “Premium” and “Cumberland”:
Small (lamb casings), 18 – 20 pcs per kg 390 THB / Kg
Sausages medium size 9-10 per kg 330 THB / Kg
Suckling Pigs/Lechon Average selected weight about 19 Kgs Estimated price each: White Piglet 4,500THB Black Piglet 5,500THB
All Sausages are made on Phuket, minimally 77% meat, no fillers, glutenfree, all pure…. just pork and herbs, no additives, no stabilizers. Made with quality herbs and spices.
This delicious pork meat will be available again towards the coming high season (November?)
The proper way this pig is raised truly makes a difference in the quality and thus the taste experience.
The pigs are not very big, each primal part weighs between 10 to 14 kgs.
Pura is the distributor for the pigs (both black and white) from Surin Farm and the Thai Pork Group in Chiang Mai.
The black pig is also known as Kurobuta? Which is derived from the Japanese words Kuro = Black and Buta = Pig.
Free range?

Free Range is a term defined to mean an open area that the pig can venture into and enjoy the outdoors. This is opposite of keeping the pig confined in pens. For the Thai PORK Group the free range area needs to be 1.5 times larger than the indoor area. For a product to be totally organic the pig has to have free range.

For farrowing (birth) of a pig that will be organic we need to move the sow into a farrowing pen that has free range. When the piglets are born they can also venture outdoors.
The ThaiPORKGroup follows every organic specification possible. The group uses satellite small farms to raise pigs in a free range environment.
The pigs take about 20% longer to mature to 100 kilo. The Thai PORK Group pigs are fed a high quality healthy feed, not banana trees.
The farmer must change his farm layout to make an area where the pig can have access to free range outdoor areas. The piglets are born organic – they are farrowed the way required by ACT Thailand, that is with free range for the mother and the piglets.
They are also raised without hormones or any growth additive. The only use of antibiotics is under emergency conditions and then only with the approval of the Thai PORK Group team leader for that set of satellite farms.
The black pig you receive from the Thai PORK Group is a pedigree line developed by the DLD (Department of Livestock Development). This line of pigs is vastly different from what you would get from the largest pork provider in Thailand.
That provider sells a line of Kurobuta that is estimated by large stores, like Tops, to be under 20% black pig heritage lineage. The DLD line has been breed to currently be over 50% black pig heritage and is moving towards a 75% black heritage.
These pigs cost more as piglet, they cost more to raise, and they are of superior high quality. The primary thing that keeps them from being organic is that there is no bulk high quality consistently the same organic feed available.
All pigs are feed exactly the same formula in every member province resulting in pigs that are same with every purchase. The Thai PORK Group will not move to an organic feed until supplies are available for all of the Thai PORK Group pigs. The Thai PORK Group will not sell an organic pig that “eats whatever the farmer gives it calling the feed organic”.
What the pig eats is what the consumer eats. Quality pork only comes from quality feed that is fed to the pig!
Only high quality consistent commercial feed with the right mixture of protien and carbohydrates along with minerals and vitamins will result in a consistently high quality pig.

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